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The design portfolio of Kristin Roybal

What is pulsebeam? is the work portfolio of Kristin Roybal, an Interactive Designer and Frontend Developer living in Topanga, CA. Have a look around at some of my featured projects in web design and development, print, video, and other media. Feel free to drop me a line with any inquiries or say hello.


What does pulsebeam mean?

pulse [puhls]


a. a beat of life, emotion, etc.
b. the general attitude, sentiment, preference, etc., as in “keeping one’s finger on the pulse”.
beam [beem]


a. to send out or radiate energy.
b. jargon
(From Star Trek Classic’s “Beam me up, Scotty!”) To transfer softcopy of a file electronically; most often in combining forms such as “beam me a copy” or “beam that over to his site”.
a force of energy and information born from human creativity and shared over the digital sphere.